Hacking your first RFID tags

As we’ve seen in a previous post here, RFID is a technology widely used in our lives, from our building access badges, to payment facilities, or even our gates’ remotes. We know some of them are utilizing little to no security mechanisms, like MIFARE, and today we will start working on a really basic series of hacks. What you will need Hardware What’s covered can be done with a simple RFID card reader found on Amazon for ~30€ (~35$). Mine was the ACS ACR122U simply because it was the most mentioned… Read More »Hacking your first RFID tags

Introduction to RFID

For this first article we will be working on RFID and more precisely on the MIFARE technology. In this article you won’t find anything that has never been done before, but rather my own vision of many different things that have been done about RFID, and maybe a try at being more thorough than some other proofs of concept. The main goal here is to cover the process of cloning and editing some RFID tags, especially MIFARE Classic ones, which are still widely used nowadays despite the many hacks found… Read More »Introduction to RFID